How Do I Phrase This..

What Google is doing is fine. Upgrading the software, adding new and better content. Those are progressive movements, don’t get me wrong.

There’s been this buzz around Nyxio in creating a better and literal convergence of the PC and the TV. On their website they boast about how they’ve beat Apple and the other competitors to the “punch,” even getting a special section in the Wall Street Journal for their “smart” TV.

To the consumers, this all sounds good. But to anyone that’s actually been following or have previously bought a “Smart TV” knows Nyxio is no better than any of their competitors. Why? Because they have yet to answer the one question that has impeded the success of the Smart TV for the past 15 years! Input Device! Yet another sigh of disappointment…

Here’s what I mean:

Let’s say after all these upgrades and convergences, the UI ends up sharp, organized, intuitive, and let’s even say you have incredibly fast connection!… How are you going to control it?…

1) Is Sony’s “thousand button nightmare” of a controller all of a sudden going to look simple?
2) Is Logitech’s extended keyboard going to seem any less bulkier on the same couch?
3) Is having a cleaner UI going to make pointing to every single character to input simple text less annoying with your LG Magic Motion?
4) Is having a faster responding software going to help you repeatedly look up and down at Samsung’s touchscreen remote more comfortably to input simple commands?

The problem is the same now as it’s been for the past 15 years. There is no all-in-one input device out in the market today that can control the vast integration that a true “smart” TV can truly offer…


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