The reason behind writing this blog is because I want address the issues of Smart TV. Of course, this is also a way to give my own input on the situation and hopefully hit the obvious points that have impeded the success of the Smart TV.

As you’ll read, I focus on the issue of input device. The input device is the missing piece to completing the puzzle; it is the single most critical, headache of a solution to the success of the Smart TV in its transition from the desktop to the living room. The deeper you go to find a solution, the more complicated it gets.

It is easy to propose impossible remedies

However… I am currently developing an input device for Smart TV and am finding that the answer may not be as difficult as portrayed.

Let’s get one thing straight. It’s not up to the companies to decide whether their TV is “smart.” “Smart” is merely a nickname that we, the consumers, have used to describe the up-and-coming generation of PC + phones and now PC + televisions. To be straight forward, there hasn’t been a “smart” TV out so far. It’s been more of a “stress” TV or “stupid” TV for the companies and ultimately for the consumers. The consumers are the ones to decide whether the TV is smart, just as they did with phones.


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